Russellville Baptist Church Middle School Student Ministry is for Students in 6th through 8th Grade. In our Middle School Ministry we bring the Bible to our students showing the students how you can apply the Bible to your life as a Middle School Student and how to use Apologetics to share your faith with your friends and neighbors.

Sunday School | 9:30 am

Each Sunday Morning we are using The Black Letters of Jesus by LeaderTreks. A lot of studies focus on Jesus’ words—the red letters of Scripture. But what would it look like if we focused on his actions—the black letters? Throughout The Black Letters of Jesus, students will examine the things Jesus did while he was here on earth, allowing them to see Jesus in a new way. These are lessons drawn from the life of the one who became flesh and lived among his creation. By focusing on his actions throughout the ministry year, students will grow a deeper understanding of what it means to follow him every day.

Life Group | 5:30 pm | Sunday

Sometimes when we read the Bible, we get myopic about a particular Book of the Bible that we are reading and forget that the Bible as a whole, is a complete story about how Jesus Christ came to redeem the world of it's sin. To help our Middle School students understand the Holy Scriptures better, we have designed this 6 week study to help talk about things like "What is the Bible?" and "Who authored the Bible?"

In this Study we are going to focus on:
  1. What is the Bible?
  2. Can we trust and rely on the Bible?
  3. Who Wrote the Books of the Bible?
  4. How did we get the Bible in English?
  5. What is Hermeneutics? Why does it matter?

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RBC Students MS Team

Tony Amos

MS Students Director
Tony has been a part of the leadership of RBC Students team since 2011. Along side directing the Middle School Ministry, Tony currently teaches the boys on Sunday Nights and plays the Bass for our Sunday Morning Worship Team. Tony is husband to Alicia and Dad to Emma. Tony is a Body Shop Foreman for the Joe Machens East Collision Center.

Alicia Amos

Sunday Night Small Group
Alicia has been a part of the RBC Students team since 2014. Alicia teaches the girls on Sunday Nights. Alicia also plays the Piano, Guitar and Flute for the Sunday Morning Worship Team. Alicia's daughter Emma keeps her and her husband, Tony, very  busy. Alicia is the Ministry Assistant for the Concord Baptist Association.

Nathan and Christina Crews

6th Grade Sunday School
Nathan and Christina started teaching Sunday School for RBC Students in 2021. The Crews have 6 children and have do a great job leading our 6th Grade students through Biblical studies each week. The Crews' are a very active family in their discipleship and actively participate in Children and Youth Bible Drill.

Jason and Kim Crafton

7th/8th Grade Sunday School
Jason and Kim started teaching Sunday School for RBC Students in 2019.  The Crafton's teach our 7th and 8th Grade students each Sunday Morning. The Crafton's have two children and are very active in many activities at RBC including: Vacation Bible School and Mid-Missouri Missions Team.