Sunday School | 9:30 am

Each Sunday Morning we are using The Black Letters of Jesus by LeaderTreks. A lot of studies focus on Jesus’ words—the red letters of Scripture. But what would it look like if we focused on his actions—the black letters? Throughout The Black Letters of Jesus, students will examine the things Jesus did while he was here on earth, allowing them to see Jesus in a new way. These are lessons drawn from the life of the one who became flesh and lived among his creation. By focusing on his actions throughout the ministry year, students will grow a deeper understanding of what it means to follow him every day.

Life Group | 5:30 pm | Sunday

Sunday Nights we meet as a group in our Youth Room at 5:30 pm. The Boys are studying the Book of Proverbs, while the Girls are working through Good News, which is a Lifeway Girls Study on the Gospel. On Sunday Nights we also do some Fellowship Nights and Service Project Nights.

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